Rent a car from $100/day Go anywhere you want, anytime you want

We have Car Rental

We rent you a car of any type you want, whether you want a fancy car to enjoy luxurious rides in Kigali, or normal cars on budget, you are given the keys to drive it wherever you want. Our rates start at 100$/Day, and we can provide you with a professional driver if you prefer.

Our Cars are clean, and are pets & children friendly, there is no much paperwork required to get one, you get it the same day you request it.


Cleanness is our priority in our service delivery, we make it shine for you.

No much paperwork required, you receive your car the same day.

Pets Friendly
Our cars are pets friendly, makes your pet realize it’s dreams.

Child Safety
We are as concerned about your children as you are, they are secured in our cars.

High Speeds
So you are in a hurry? We have cars to help you make it on time.

Lower Mileage Rate
Don’t worry about petrol consumption,  our cars help you economize.

All Car Choices